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At Westar, we plan to make the journey down the road in our electric vehicles a long one. Check back with us often as we continue to provide updates and news surrounding EVs in general, our development of charging stations for public use, and upcoming Company events or appearances in your neighborhood.

EPRI Consumer EV Guide

AAA Offers Mobile Charging Service

GM charges Chevy Volts with solar power before leaving plant

Chevrolet Volt & Nissan Leaf earn top ratings in 1st U.S. crash tests of mainstream electric cars

Most Chevy Volt patrons are new to the brand

Silence is Now the Sign of Progress-Kansas City-based Smith Electric Trucks

Smith Electric TruckWestar Energy currently operates two Smith Electric trucks in its fleet and is in the process of adding more.

Going pump free: Volt owners go 1,000 miles between fill-ups

GM: Chevy Volt passed winter driving test

Chevy Volt EPA numbers revealed, dissected

Electric car showdown: Nissan Leaf vs. Chevy Volt, by the man who owns both

Nissan Leaf: 3 days, no plug

Made in America: Electric Charging System

Hertz Introduces Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicles Into Fleet at Show Biz Expo on May 7th

Enterprise Rent-a-Car rents Volts, Leafs


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